CENIC 2015 Conference Program

All Sunday events will take place at the Irvine Marriott. All Monday-Wednesday programming will take place at the UC Irvine Student Center at UC Irvine (UCI).

Early Registration will take place 2:00p-4:00p Sunday at the Irvine Marriott. Registration will take place 8:00a-5:00p Monday and Tuesday and 8:00a-11:00a Wednesday.

Shuttles will be provided to take conference attendees back and forth between the Irvine Marriott and UCI. Please continue to check back for more information on the shuttle schedule as we get closer to the conference.

Parking at UCI is at a premium while classes are in session. We have been told that the Student Center Parking Structure directly across from the Student Center fills up by 9am. If you arrive on campus and cannot park in the Student Center Parking Structure, there are more structures a short walk away denoted on the Interactive Parking Map and downloadable PDF map where “SCPS” in Zone 6 denotes the Student Center Parking Structure.

  • Pacific Ballroom C: General Sessions and Research & Technology Breakout Sessions
  • Pacific Ballroom A/B: Teaching & Learning Breakout Sessions
  • Pacific Ballroom D: Breaks, Lunches, Sponsors
  • Calit2@UCI: Special Calit2 programming

Sunday, March 8

2:00p – 4:00p
 Early Registration at Irvine Marriott
5:30p – 7:00p
 Welcome Reception at Irvine Marriott

Monday, March 9

8:00a – 9:00a
General Session
 Moderator: Sherilyn Evans
9:00a – 9:20a
 Internet2′s Evolving Value Proposition for California [ Abstract ]
9:20a – 9:50a
Data Virtualization at CHOMP (Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula) [ Abstract ]
9:50a – 10:30a
 The UC Davis Center for Geotechnical Modeling: results and impacts from the NSF Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation program [ Abstract ]
10:30a – 10:45a
 Morning Break
10:45a – 11:00a
 Opening Remarks:
 Bill Clebsch (CENIC Board Chair, Stanford University)
 Louis Fox (CENIC President and CEO)
11:00a – 12:00p
 Keynote Address: Mount Allen, Director of Operations at SFJAZZ
12:00p – 1:00p
Teaching & Learning
Moderator: John Rolon
Research & Technology
Moderator: Rita Schnepp
1:00p – 2:00p
Disparities in Internet Connectivity in K-12 Public Schools in California [ Abstract ]
1:00p – 1:20p
Telemedicine using 4K Video, SAGE OptIPortal and UltraGrid over Long-Distance Photonic Networks [ Abstract ]
1:20p – 2:00p
Cisco Sponsor Talk [ Abstract ]
2:00p – 2:20p
TRAIL [ Abstract ]
2:00p – 2:20p
Using Shibboleth to provide authenticated access for CSU Faculty, Staff, and Students on the SBCC campus Wifi network [ Abstract ]
2:20p – 2:50p
The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) and How We Utilize the .edu Network [ Abstract ]
2:20p – 2:40p
Building Your Own Federated Search [ Abstract ]
2:40p – 3:00p
Pepperdine University Out of State Disaster Recovery Site [ Abstract ]
2:50p – 3:30p
Innovations Made Possible by High-speed Broadband in Public Libraries [ Abstract ]
3:00p – 3:30p
CenturyLink Sponsor Talk [ Abstract ]
3:30p – 4:00p
 Afternoon Break
General Session
 Moderator: Dave Reese
4:00p – 4:20p
 Thinking Outside of the Box for Data Storage and Collaboration-Campus Experiences with Internet2 Net+ Cloud Service [ Abstract ]
4:20p – 5:30p
 Pacific Research Platform [ Abstract ]

Tuesday, March 10

8:00a – 8:45a
Teaching & Learning
Moderator: TBD
Research & Technology
Moderator: Will Habeck
8:45a – 9:25a
Improving Connectivity in California K-12 Public Schools: the BIIG grant program and findings from the statewide needs assessment [ Abstract ]
8:45a – 9:25a
Pac-12 Networks Revolutionizes Live Sports Production [ Abstract ]
9:25a – 9:45a
Expanding Institutional Cultural Connectivity through Collaboration via the CENIC Network [ Abstract ]
9:25a – 9:55a
AT&T Sponsor Talk [ Abstract ]
9:45a – 10:05a
MOOCs: Using Massive Open Online Courses as Effective Outreach [ Abstract ]
9:55a – 10:35a
Internet2: Innovation, SDN, and cloud computing convergence on the advanced network [ Abstract ]
10:05a – 10:30a
Engineering and Technology as a Nexus to Integrate STEM Components [ Abstract ]
10:35a – 10:50a
 Morning Break
10:50a – 11:00a
 Welcome and Keynote Introduction
11:00a – 12:00p
 Keynote Address: Catherine J. K. Sandoval, CA Public Utilities Commissioner
12:00p – 1:30p
 Awards Luncheon
General Session
 Moderator: Doug Hartline
1:30p – 2:30p
 2015 Innovations in Networking Awardee Presentations
2:30p – 3:00p
 Afternoon Break and walk to Calit2@UCI
3:00p – 5:30p
 Calit2 Demos [ Description ]
5:30p – 7:00p
 Sponsor Reception

Wednesday, March 11

8:00a – 9:00a
Research & Technology Breakout Session
 Moderator: Mark Foster
9:00a – 9:45a
 Of Mice and Elephants [ Abstract ]
9:45a – 10:05a
 Intelligent Software Driven Dynamic Hybrid Networks With Terabit-sec Science Data Flows [ Abstract ]
10:05a – 10:30a
 Science DMZ Security Issues [ Abstract ]
10:30a – 10:45a
 Morning Break
10:45a – 12:00p
 100G Open Source Network Monitoring with Bro and Time Machine [ Abstract ]
12:00p – 12:15p
 Closing Remarks:
 Doug Hartline (Conference Chair, UC Santa Cruz)
 Louis Fox (CENIC President and CEO)
 Box Lunches to go