Abstract: TRAIL

Presenter(s): Christina Gagnier, TRAIL

TRAIL has continued its work in two key areas: micro-entrepreneurship and awareness of digital literacy as an issue. Through a partnership with San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, TRAIL is helping to develop a new class of micro-entrepreneurs among a city with residents in need of opportunity.

Second, TRAIL has moved forward It’sEasierThanYouThink. TRAIL’s commitment to widening Internet access and use extends to advocating for policy at the state and national level to ensure that digital literacy, and the 1 in 5 Americans it impacts, are a national priority. Through TRAIL’s It’sEasierThanYouThink campaign, TRAIL has created a series of materials and PSA’s to increase awareness of digital illiteracy. It’sEasierThanYouThink sets out to raise awareness about the issue of digital literacy, addressing the education factors that contribute to the digital divide and leading the call to action for the adoption of a national digital literacy policy.