Abstract: Telemedicine using 4K Video, SAGE OptIPortal and UltraGrid over Long-Distance Photonic Networks

Presenter(s): Jeff Weekley, CineGrid, and REANNZ

As part of the 2014 GLIF Workshop held in Queenstown, NZ, a consortium of researchers from CineGrid, UCSD’s Qualcomm Institute, the University of Illinois-Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Lab, and the Research and Education Advanced Network of New Zealand (REANNZ) demonstrated a three-way multipoint advanced telemedicine application for use in dermatology clinical education; cancer epidemiology; and for remote examination, diagnosis, dermatopathology, and patient counseling of skin cancers in remote patient populations. The demonstration leveraged a partnership between REANNZ, Ciena, commercial providers in New Zealand, Internet2, and CENIC. These partners, as part of GLIF and with the Advanced Telemedicine Application as the main impetus, engineered the first Trans-Pacific public research link at 100Gbps.

This CENIC talk will discuss the technologies employed, the network topology, and opine on the use of this technology to extend the reach of medical professionals to underserved populations in California and around the world.