Abstract: MOOCs: Using Massive Open Online Courses as Effective Outreach

Presenter(s): Michael Dennin, UCI

Developments in online technology for teaching have lead to a wide range of experiments. Among those that have received the most press are Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs). MOOCs attempt to provide an educational experience to 10,000 or more people.

Strong evidence has been found that MOOCs are really best suited as outreach vehicles instead of classes.

In this presentation, past experiences with MOOCs (one on superheroes and one on zombies) will be discussed, both of which are better described as outreach, and a planned MOOO (Massive Online Open Outreach) on complexity. An exciting development for this course is the potential partnership with museums and the use of QR codes to access the course. Issues related to the effort to create these vehicles and their expected impact will also be presented.