About CENIC 2015: Shaking Things Up

The CENIC 2015 Annual Conference, Shaking Things Up, will be held on March 9-11, 2015, on the beautiful campus of UC Irvine.

The Program Committee is made up of volunteers from our R&E community. Each year, this committee works tirelessly to fashion a program that highlights the varied uses of technology and network bandwidth. CENIC appreciates the time and effort of the volunteers who make up the Program Committee.

The 2015 Program Committee is:

  • Mount Allen, SF Jazz
  • Chip Lenno, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Paul Bishop, Santa Barbara Community College
  • Sherilyn Evans, CENIC
  • Mark Foster, NASA Ames
  • William Habek, NASA Ames
  • Doug Hartline, UC Santa Cruz
  • Cassandra Patrizio, CENIC
  • John Rolon, CSU Chancellor’s Office
  • Jeremy Sims, San Bernardino Community College District
  • Tammy Sopo, CENIC
  • Jeff Weekley, NPS

The Conference Committee provides overall guidance for the conference and helps to coordinate the overall look and feel of the event. In conjunction with the Program Committee, they work to provide a program that enriches and informs all conference attendees. CENIC appreciates the efforts of the Conference Committee.

The 2015 Conference Committee is:

  • Doug Hartline, Conference Chair, UC Santa Cruz
  • Sherilyn Evans, CENIC
  • Louis Fox, CENIC
  • Cassandra Patrizio, CENIC